How Man Kills an Angel

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In every mortal man there is a lamb and a wolf. During daily life they manifest themselves in man’s daily mental activities. A man could live his entire life not knowing of those aspects of his own pity soul because those two are so weak and powerless for him to identify. They usually work in an unconscious ways, thus the unknowing of the man’s consciousness. Only a miracle can awake that power of those dualities. And miracles do happen!

From time to time an Angel enters into life of man – such a dangerous undertaking for both of them. At first the man can not recognize the Angel because of his lifelong sleep. But then the angel starts to do its job. It touches to the deepest and most secret places in man’s soul that start to awake the man’s real emotions… And then the struggle begins. The lamb and the wolf realize they’ve lived in a same cage and start to battle. Knowing the nature of both animals the wolf can easily and mercifully kill then lamb and thus prevail… so it happens.

It is unbearable for a mortal man to handle that inner struggle of both extremes and then he becomes mad, mad of himself. Both dualities have become so extreme from one another so that man starts to experience uncontrollable sadness, anger, rage, and even craving to kill. But to kill what? Unconsciously he finds the reason behind all this. It is the Angel itself; he is the “soul tormentor” who have released the good and the evil at such extremes that an ordinary mortal can not handle. But all that with a very good reason that man can not understand. The Angel is aware that by releasing the lamb and the wolf in a man’s soul the struggle will end hoping for a winner, and the winner is balance, which can be achieved only very rarely in man, because usually the wolf prevails, as it is today worldwide.

Upon realizing that the Angel is behind all this madness, man decides to kill the Angel and therefore free from this unbearable inner struggle since the wolf has already prevailed and man by his very essential nature is not designed to carry a wolf in his heart for his entire life, and yet he carries.

This poor man kills the Angel and return to his own miserable life with a scar not knowing what it is and when he got it. That scar will remind him that he might have not received it if he would’ve not killed the Angel who opened up his soul to the extremes with a hope to connect that balance and produce the enormous power of both extreme dualities which is essential to man’s eternal destiny. Only by succeeding in this man will become closer to the Angel and keep him company, because the Angel is almost alone and can not stand being such for a long time.

Only man powerful enough in spirit can overcome this inner struggle and learn to live while balancing his own lamb and wolf in mutual life and praise this Angel for freeing his soul of the dungeons of the unknowing.


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